Caffeine with a side of code.

Hello there, I'm Bradford Toney - a software engineer from the United States. I love a good challenge with code and solving tough real-world problems through technical applications. I've worked on a broad range of projects in my time, from developing mobile apps to creating web assets that can stand up to any challenge. Below are the current projects I'm working on and that I'll be sharing insights about.

  • Cassie Finance

    Financial Planning & Contract Management

    The operating system for growing businesses, where finance and legal come together to plan, analyze, and forecast with confidence. We empower growing businesses to analyze the present and plan for the future by providing simple and integrated finance and legal tools.

  • Release Runner

    Automated Release Checklists

    Release Runner is an engineering CI/CD tool that streamlines the deploy process for software releases. The tool offers customizable checklists that can be seamlessly integrated into code workflows, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free release process.

  • Oxbridge Notes

    Global Education Marketplace

    Oxbridge Notes was founded to provide students and academics with access to high-quality study resources, including revision notes, essay plans, and lecture summaries, all written by top-performing students and academics. The aim was to make it easier for students to excel in their studies, and to offer a platform that is accessible from anywhere in the world.

  • B on the run

    Travel photography

    When I'm not busy tinkering with code, I like to explore new places with my camera in tow. To share my adventures across 5 continents and many countries with others, I built this page as a hub for my travel photography. Check it out as a glimpse into the world as I see it.

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